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 We are proud to welcome you to be part of a historic milestone in Yemen’s specialty coffee journey. 

In partnership with the Alliance for Coffee Excellence, we are proud and excited to launch Yemen’s largest, finest and most equitable coffee auction, sourcing coffees from over 1000 farmers throughout Yemen’s coffee belt.

With single farmer coffees sourced from 12 different communities across 5 governorates, with many previously unexplored regions, this auction will reintroduce the world to Yemeni coffee, challenging and redefining preconceptions on Yemeni coffee and Yemen’s cup profile

Most importantly, in line with the spirit of ACE’s Cup of Excellence programme, we implement some of the most rigorous traceability and transparency standards in the industry, with every single batch and harvest from farmers recorded, tagged and tracked throughout the value chain. 

In the same vein, Qima Coffee was established with the fundamental aim of improving grower livelihoods and thus implements a profit share scheme with its farmers in which a percent of the profits from each lot sold is shared backto the individual farmer who produced it. Practically, this scheme translates to growers receiving 60-70% of FOB price*.

We seek to use this auction as a vehicle to motivate farmers across Yemen to invest in coffee growing, providing much needed hope for a better future in which coffee can act as a critical source of sustainable income to a poverty-stricken community currently facing the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

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