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-What makes us different?-


From cherry to cup, we manage every step of the process

From harvesting the perfect cherries with each of our farmers to drying them on parabolic beds in the Middle East’s largest processing centre, we manage and guide every step of the production process. So you can experience the world’s rarest specialty coffees at their best.


99% of our farmer lots achieved a cupping score of 80+

Partnering with Boot Coffee, internationally recognised specialty coffee experts, we are the only Yemeni coffee company to get our quality analysis done by an independent third party. 

All our cupping scores were awarded by no less than two certified Q Graders (qualified ‘coffee sommeliers’). And, out of a staggering 250 farmer lots, 99% achieved a score of 80+. 


Fully traceable specialty coffee at a super smallhold scale

Yemeni coffee farmers are ‘super smallholder’, which means some of them produce nano and pico lots as small as 2kg per farmer. In the coffee world, that’s tiny. But it only adds to the rarity and uniqueness of Yemeni coffee. 

As the only coffee business in the world that works to these scales, we sell our coffee in exclusively small batches – from 500g to 5kg. Each and every bean can be traced back to the farmer who grew it. And each lot is sold in beautiful gift boxes under the farmer’s name. Inside, we tell you about the farmers’ ambitions and challenges, giving you the chance to build a genuine connection with them.


Transforming lives through transparent trade

By seeking genuine partnerships with farmers, we provide them with the training they need to grow specialty coffee. We also pay the highest price for their coffee – typically double the market rate. And we share the returns of each coffee lot with the farmer who grew it, increasing their income by up to twenty times.


Serious about social impact

The core purpose behind Qima Coffee is to rebuild Yemen’s specialty coffee industry and restore hope in this once-great nation. So, we’ve pledged to donate 10% of our annual profits to education and agriculture projects through the Qima Foundation.


the Qima Farmers


A Case Study:
Hajji Mubarak

Hajji Mubarak is a farmer from the renowned Al-Ruwad coffee cooperative perched in a lush mountain valley 2300m above sea level. His family has been in coffee for generations going back at least 400 years. During our visits to his village, he frequently showed us coffee trees that dated back more than 200 years! Hajji Mubarak treats his trees as he does his own family, and insists that coffee buyers should receive his coffee with the very same love and attention.


As with many smallholder farmers, and especially in the case of Yemeni farmers, Hajji Mubarak's principal concern centers around cash flow. He loves coffee and has the ideas and the passion to improve his production exponentially, yet he lacks the financial resources to either implement his ideas nor even meet his basic living needs. In the immediate term, Hajji Mubarak needs cash. In the short term, he needs training to help him produce quality coffee along with attractive prices to support his financial independence and to invest in his farm. In the medium and long term he needs a platform and a partnership to help him and his future generations sustainably produce some of Yemen's best coffee.


The Qima Proposition

Interest free micro loans to ease his financial burdens.


Training workshops in pre and post harvesting best practices.


The highest premiums in the market, offered to the entire coop.


Marketing and branding support for the cooperative


a labour of love

From the partnership with Hajji Mubarak we are seeking more than good coffee. We are seeking a deep relationship built on a foundation of equity, trust and transparency that will undoubtedly produce some of the world's most magical coffees