Qaid Bahil

“If you seek riches, you  do not know the beauty of need.” 


cupping range : 89 - 84.5

quantity :40 kgs

process : Natural

Drying days : 17½


Region : Dhamar, bani Ofair

Altitude 1700-2100 masl


Qaid has been growing coffee for over 60 years. He has seen the coffee trade flourish and collapse over the decades and though excited about this new wave of specialty coffee demand, believes any progress should be done with caution. Qaid was a very large coffee farmer until 10 years ago, when the local coffee price crashed and qat prices flourished. This period lasted 10 years and lead to the near-extinction of coffee growing in this area. Qaid, and many other farmers had their livelihoods severely damaged by that period. Qaid is hopeful about the future of coffee, and is honoured to be taking part in the auction.