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-The Qima roasted box-

INtroducing coffee from HAraaz small farmers!

The Qima Roasted Box
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Flavour Note

Tropical Fruit / Cane Sugar / Tamarind / Pear / Coconut / Velvety / Cardamom





this month’s community

-haraaz, Juma’a-


Haraaz, Juma’a


2050 masl

 Haraz is famous for its villages which cling to nearly inaccessible rocky peaks. Despite the elevation of the mountains reaching nearly 3200 meters above sea level, the weather stays warm and comfortable. The farms seem to hang in the sky when the fog touches them. Haraaz is Yemen’s largest coffee producing area by volume. The area harbours strong anti-qat sentiments here as locals perceive it as a social vice.

Welcome to The World's rarest coffee experience.

In our quest to source and offer Yemen's finest specialty coffees, we are proud to present Qima's roasted coffee offering.  

Every month, we will select and roast farmers who represent a range of Yemen's exquisite coffee flavour profiles. 

All of our offerings come with detailed information on the community and the coffee, giving you the full seed to cup experience. We also share our proceeds from coffees sold, back with the farmers who produced it, so in drinking these coffees you are directly improving farmers' lives and livelihoods. 

Each box includes ten single serve pouches, along with instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of Yemeni coffee. 

Weight : 140g (10 x 14g) | Roast and brew instructions for pour over coffee.

Currently only available in Europe. World wide deliveries coming soon.



Qima Brew Guide

View the full video on our youtube channel.

-Single serve pouches-

The world's first single serve whole bean coffee pouches!

Our coffee comes pre packed in innovative mini pouches, each containing the perfect amount of freshly roasted Yemeni beans for one amazing cup of coffee.

Simply grind, brew and enjoy the truly sublime Yemeni coffee experience!