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-The Qima roasted box-

This Months Farmer : Yahya Nashwan

The Qima Roasted Box
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Welcome to The World's rarest coffee experience.

In our quest to source and offer Yemen's finest specialty coffees, we are proud to present Qima's roasted coffee offering.  

Every month, we will select and roast farmers who represent a range of Yemen's exquisite coffee flavour profiles. 

All of our offerings come with detailed information on the farmer and his coffee, giving you the full seed to cup experience. We also share our proceeds from coffees sold, back with the farmers who produced it, so in drinking these coffees you are directly improving farmers' lives and livelihoods. 

Each box includes ten single serve pouches, along with instructions on how to brew the perfect cup of Yemeni coffee. 

Weight : 140g (10 x 14g) | Roast and brew instructions for pour over coffee.

Currently only available in Europe. World wide deliveries coming soon.

Meet this month’s farmer

-Yahya NAshwan-



I was born in 1973, in Al Hayma Al Dakhiliya, a few kilometers away from where I currently live.

I was born an orphan and was taken care of by a well-known foster mother in the community. She acted as both my mother and my father and raised me to the best of her abilities. I owe everything to her. 

I started coffee farming with my uncle at the age of 10. From him, I learnt all there is to know about coffee farming, from the importance of irrigation timing to the intricate ploughing and fertilizing methods. 

After harvesting the coffees, I would give them to my aunt for post-harvest processing. She would dry the coffee on the rooftops on specially designed drying mats made from palm leaf. We would store the coffee in insulated clay pots and only sell it when we needed the cash.

I never really got into coffee trading, preferring to spend my time farming. I love the farming more than the trading. I do remember the first time I personally sold my coffee to a cafe. It was several decades ago. It was exciting as it was the first time I really understood where my coffee goes. Myself and a group of farmers drove 16 kilometers to a café called “Shaghdar” – the first café in our region. I also remember it was the first time a car from our village goes out on a mission to sell coffee. It was a pioneering mission!

My ambition is to become better educated. I want to enrol in literacy classes. I really wanted to get a good education as a child but as I was born an orphan and education was very inaccessible I never got the required support to pursue good schooling.

My other ambition is of course to grow more coffee. But the biggest barrier to that is water. I tried drilling three wells but they all turned out dry. Now we’ve dug reservoirs to catch the rain water. These reservoirs along with good irrigation technology can help us realise our coffee growing ambitions.

Above and beyond all this, my ambition is to keep my family safe. Two months ago, I lost my 20 year-old son. He was in a well trying to dig for water when he got electrocuted from contact with a live cable. It is sad he died looking for water. This disaster has changed my perspective on life. All I want now is to keep my family safe.

-About his Coffee-

Primary Flavour Note

- Intense Fruit -

Secondary Flavour notes

Berry/Floral/Sweet/ Chocolate/Hazelnut




2300 masl